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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Playing with Uday Kiran's Life

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Uday Kiran never wanted to marry Susmitha, its otherway around.
Susmitha had crush on Uday Kiran like any other girl and forced chiranjeevi
went onto threatening chiranjeevi but initially chiranjeevi never agreed.
But suddenly everything changed after he got a phone call from his friend
chandra babu naidu, chandra babu said Saifabad police booked a case against
Susmitha and another Male who are in fully drunken stage and romancing in a car
at necklace road and they theratened police when a police officer tried explain them
its illegal. Chandra babu told to chiranjeevi this is not the first time and adviced him
to get marry. Chiranjeevi like any other sensible father asked Susmitha who she wants
to marry being daughter of Chiranjeevi she told Uday Kiran's name.
Chiranjeevi immediatley called Uday Kiran and requested to marry Susmitha
poor Uday Kiran he never thought that was a trap and he agreed instantly. Later So called Gandhi called media and explained abt the wedding in a filmy style.
Later both Uday Kiran and Susmitha flied to London for a holiday and enjoyed there more than 2 weeks and came back to London.
After coming to India Uday Kiran realised there is some thing going on and called Chiranjeevi and pressurised him to announce the wedding date. But Chiranjeevi with Allu Aravind and his daughter susmitha called off the marriage without even consulting Uday Kiran and started bad propaganda in a systamatic way by linking Uday Kiran name with Times Of India Journo name Niveditha, later TOI people revealed no body working with that name.

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